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Tips on Garden borders

Simple and attractive borders will keep you from invading your garden and eliminate the need for edge trimming. There are a number of borders available in Garden Border Guys, among them metal, paver and stone borders that you can install, and which are easy to keep around as they require almost no maintenance.


Types of Garden borders

There are different garden borders that you could use in Garden Border Guys that will help you keep your garden in check;

* Metal borders- The simplest borders used to effectively separate your lawn from your garden are four in deep strips of steel, aluminium or plastic from Garden Border Guys which blends into good curves that prevent the spread of grass roots.

* A paver Border-Concrete from Garden Border Guys and brick pavers make a simple and beautiful border. They are effective when you want a wide border that will keep grass out of the garden, and also allow flowers and other plants spill over without interfering with the grass.

* Raised-bed border- A stone wall makes a clean border along your lawn and is a great way to add depth and texture to a flat and featureless yard. It also provide good drainage thus becoming effective for low-lying and soggy areas.


Tools for putting garden borders

To save time and frustration you should acquire the necessary tools and materials available in Garden Border Guys for bordering your garden early. Acquire the following in Garden Border Guys before you begin bordering; Border material, Landscape fabric, (for pavers and raised beds), soil (for raised beds), Gravel (for raised beds), and Sand (for pavers.)

For these and any other such services, please contact Garden Border Guys on 888-293-0473.

Should you need any other material or tool or if you are not sure of what is required, you can contact us on 888-293-0473 in Garden Border Guys and we will help you get the right tools and material for your garden borders.

Benefits of Garden borders.

garden borders come along with benefits for the users of the garden and the people at home;

* Garden access for the disabled- if there are people with back problems or any disability that may hinder them from working normally in the garden it will be easier for them to tend a raised planting bed for instance since raised beds can be designed to even be taken care of by people who are in wheelchairs.

* In case where the border is made of concrete from Garden Border Guys, concrete provides a durable and permanent yet effective continuous root barrier as it does not shatter or rot.

* garden borders also make your garden look beautiful by placing a perfect representation around your flowerbeds

* Metal borders create a clean separation between garden beds, grass and paths using minimal space and minimizing any visual distraction.

* garden borders are also an effective way of keeping grass from creeping into neighboring beds and paths.

Garden border maintenance

Maintaining borders is important to keeping and having a healthy, balanced and an eye catching garden. There are a variety of things you can do to maintain your garden borders;

* Pruning cutting- Done on trees to thin out crowded branches or cut out diseased wood

* Weed control-An herbicide from Garden Border Guys is used to control weeds, but you contact 888-293-0473 in Garden Border Guys to know what works best.

* Mulching- Any material from Garden Border Guys applied to the ground to keep weeds down and conserve moisture.


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